Dave Eggers: Your Fathers, Where Are They? And the Prophets, Do They Live Forever?

One of the nicest things for a book-lover/reader is browsing through the offer at a bookstore, without a title or an author in mind, just picking up books, looking at front pages, admiring particularly well done layouts or covers, and reading snippets in order to make up your mind that it might be a book worth buying and reading.

And sometimes a mighty hand seems to sweep out of the pages and grip you by the collar to pull you into the story. A few pages later you come back, you suddenly realise again where you are, and you think: this one is for me.

It happened to me with this book. I didn't know the author and I rarely read American novel's, but I loved the artwork and the cover so much that I picked it up and started reading...

your fathers.png


- Wow, this is the greates week of my life.


- Sorry. You probably don't understand that.


-Okay, comparitively, it's not such a good week for you. You've been, well, I guess you've been brought here. I just mean that bringing an astronaut here was hard, but getting an actual cop here...Jesus. Kev said I was invincible and now I know it's true. Shit, I forgot to tell him. I'll be back.


The book is about Thomas, a young man with questions, that abducts an astronaut. He used to know and admire him in school, and starts asking him questions, trying to make sense of the world around him. From one question comes another and soon a congresman, his math teacher, his mother, a cop and a lady are abducted and interrogated, each one shackled in a separate building. The layout of the book supports this very well and every chapter is named after the number of the building in which the victim sits.

The first time I read it I read it too fast, like a thriller, and it did not satisfy me. So i read it a second time, because I felt I did not do it right the first time, and now as a novel, and it opened up beautifully. It is a very special book, with a trip through the mind of the subject, and with some remarkable moves in the storyline. I loved it.

Though the book seems simple at first it isn't, and it should be read sober and concentrated. Every time I was too much distracted I had to start again.


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