Bill Bryson: One Summer America 1927


I love Waterstone's, I really do, but whenever I pass a local book store in England, I try to step in and buy one or more books. Small independant book stores should remain in business, if it isn't for the sake of diversity, it's for the principle of supporting local economies. So when I recently walked through Hayes Wharf in London and spotted the Riverside Bookshop I went in and left with a bag o'books. Amongst the one that caught my eye and wallet that moment was the new one from Bill Bryson.

Since a good friend gave me, at New Years Eve, A small History of Nearly Everything I am a dedicated admirer of Mr Bryson. And everytime he publishes a book I am a buyer !

This book talks about 1927 and especially about Charles Lindbergh and his flight from America to Europe (Paris). We often forget but there was a time when the USA were non-interventionist and had one of the smallest armies and air forces of the world. The book talks about things and people we know by name, but nothing more. Babe Ruth, Lou Gehring, the Prohibition, Al Capone, Henry Ford, the names sound familiar but we don't really know who they were.

For me this is the reason why you should buy and read this book. It gives an insight in the American psyche and into the shared memory every American has. On top of this, it is well written (as usual), entertaining and well, fun to read.

To be read with a Budweiser or a Californian Chardonnay.


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