Wine Ice Cream: unexpected grape encounters in a Gelateria in Rome

I keep on saying it, there is no better way to get to know a town than wander around in its smallest streets and leave the busy lanes. It may not be shorter and certainly not easier, but it makes life so much more interesting. This certainly goes for Rome. And so, when we walked from the Castel Sant'Angelo to the Piazza Navona, we did this through the Via dei Coronari, where just a few scooters and an occasional lost car disturbed our walk.

It's in this street that I have eaten the best ice cream of 2013, an ice cream that will make every true winelover jealous: a scoop of zibibbo ice cream and one of chocolate and nero d'avola...





Brilliant ! Especially the Chocolate and Nero d'avola one, that offered a taste I have not yet encountered in an ice cream, fascinating.

The Gelateria del Teatro is the best secret ice-cream adress of Rome. There are other more famous gelaterias where the tourists line up at every moment of the day, but this one is small, busy but ok and absolutely divine. Stefano Marcotulli was a well known pastry chef before he opened this adress in 2006 and he works with highly unusual flavours and combinations. 

Print this message, put it in your guide to Rome or fix it with a fridge magnet on your freeze and who knows next spring or summer we will meet in the Via dei Coronari...


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