Pure, by Andrew Miller


About a young engineer who gets the job of clearing the ancient cemetery of Les Innocents, in the heart of Paris. The year is 1785, and the Revolution is on its way.

It is a well written book, painting the period quite well, and Jean-Baptiste Baratte is an intriguing figure. I like the way the author paints the pre-revolutionary climate, though he just touches it lightly, without judging it, and it seems to me as people felt it, not knowing that revolution was on its way. Even dr Guillotine plays a very innocent role in the story. You can almost feel the new wind building up.

I loved reading it, though it did leave me a bit unsatisfied, and i will probably not reread it again. But I'm not sorry I bought it and read it, I had a good time.

To be read with a cheap but good Bordeaux wine.    

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