The hunt

I think every booklover recognises this: the magical feeling of stepping into a new bookshop, the browsing through its collection and that fantastic feeling when you open a book and think: "Hmm, I think I am going to like this one". With wine it's often the same. Even if we know that supermarket wines for 90% suck, we will continue to browse its wine department hoping to find some down-prized good Bordeaux, a lesser bottle of a great winemaker, or just something that wakens our interest, and occasionally, yes!, we are lucky.


Whenever I'm around I try to stop at Italia Authentica, a wonderful Italian supermarket in Wavre near Brussels, on the Chaussée de Louvain, where the quality of the cheese and the charcuterie is incredibly good and the people behind the counter know how to work with it (the mortadella and the salami's really very thin sliced, as they do in Italy). You can also find Italian mineral waters, beers, pasta, etc etc and in short it is a tiny but complete supermarket as you would find it in Italy.

The wine department has until now not impressed me, but one keeps hoping, and this time I took a bottle of Trebbiano Spoletino 2009 from the Cantina Novelli in Umbria home. I allready tasted some of its wines, disliked some for their blandnes, but liked its Pecorino and its neroCube blend. Trebbiano wines usually disappoint me, but, hang on, wasn't the Trebbiano Spoletino something different ?

Stefano Novelli is a man who likes the grapes of the area, experiments a lot, and tries to restore old vineyards so he can work with the old vines. This wine is made from ungrafted, century-old vines, and you can taste it ! It has a nice, intense colour, and the nose is absolutely waw! The fruit is brilliant, all kinds of summer fruit passed through my mind, but i also found resin and box (buxus), a bit like a good Sancerre. In the mouth this wine is "vivace", lots of volume but also full of joy, and sun, and herbs, and fruit, and I kept tasting and enjoying it to the last drop.

To be honest, I picked this wine up with a bit of despair, just to have something easy for my wife who likes a glass of unpretentious white as an apero. Only at the end of the bottle I remembered to give her a glass too...

Brilliant wine. For sale at Italia Authentica in Wavre (they have a shop in Liège, Drogenbos near Brussels and La Louvière too), at the webshop Umbria (also Belgium), the 2011 however, and in many other countries (check out Google). I paid 10,89 euro, a good price as it seems to be slightly more expensive on the internet. 






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