The Lemon Dilemma, part 2

Next day I decided to make one of the favourite dishes of my wife, chicken in milk out of Jamie Oliver's Happy Days with the Naked Chef, a really succulent and easy dish, based on a peculiar effect when the lemon curdles the milk and creates a fresh tasting and really fantastic sauce. I'm not giving you the recipe, buy the book, it's full of great tips. But what you really need and makes in my eyes the difference is the quality of the lemon, and you need sun soaked untreated fresh lemon skin. So when you travel, or have friends who travel to the sun, don't forget, you can do really great things with them.


On the picture you can see the lemon peel and the other main ingredients, garlic, cinnamon and sage. The quality of the chicken is of course also important. But what to drink with it ?

We went for a small competition, Germany against France. The Anjou Blanc 2007 of René Mosse was a great wine, but a bit too much with an aroma and taste of dried fruits and wax and this did not combine that well. My favourite with chicken is and allways will be pinot noir, and despite the lemon it proved again a great combination. In this case it was the basic spätburgunder Ahrweiler from Adeneuer, a 2011, soft but with very nice fruit, i noted pomegranate, and the freshness and the fruit combined incredibly well with the fat and the freshness of the chicken.

One lemon left...

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