Pinot Grigio, Bressan, 2006: a Friuli surprise

Despite all criticism, despite the obvious errors that sometimes happen, and despite the "I am better than thou" image that they often cultivate, the so-called natural wines will never cease to surprise me. A few weeks ago a friend called me from a tasting of biological wines at "De Wassende Maan" in Ghent, and enthousiastically yelled that he had just tasted a fantastic wine and did i want some ? Of course I did, and this evening i opened one and looked on the internet for more information, and i read about a surprising history and a touch of eccentricity that i really like.

The Bressan Pinot Grigio 2006 is definitely one of the more extravagant wines in my memory, but i enjoyed every drop of it. The colour is quite surprising, like a walnut liquor, and the aroma is so special i can not really place it. In the mouth I tasted walnut, almonds and things I did not recognize but liked, and it is dry like a Jura wine can be dry, or a sherry. I love this wine, but i'm keeping it for visitors who really appreciate this kind of things. There will be long talks about this one, I guess...


Fulvio Bressan


Fulvio Bressan

And, yes, the character of the winemaker shows in the wine !



All picture were downloaded from the bressan website: www.bressanwines.com



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