Low temperatures in the Alsace

I think it is allways refreshing to travel in a classic wineregion and to travel as other travellers do, so not accompagnied by other winelovers, winemakers or, in general, one's own prejudices. This way I learned to appreciate the fresh vinho verde's of the Minho, straight from the farm, or the harsh cheap Cahors wines, so good with the local farmer's fare.

I passed through the Alsace twice this week and both times i stayed overnight at a Bib Gourmand (if you sleep well, you might as well eat well too) restaurant-inn, and in both places i ordered a pinot noir wine (well, it is winter, is it not ?).

To my surprise both bottles were served cold, straight from the fridge. I could understand this in the summer, and i occasionally order cold Beaujolais or Bourgueil wines myself when it's hot, but pinot noir ? Even the oaked one on the picture, by Jean Sipp, and a very nice one, came cold and in a cooler to keep it so. I asked one of the owners why, and he said it was just tradition (looking odd at me, the stranger...).

But, I have to admit, it does has something, and it suits the wines quite well. Very often i was by the way the only one drinking red, most locals had whites, even with a hearty meat-dish.

alsace 015.jpg

By the way, I had a fantastic paté en croute as a starter and a wonderful dish of alsacian tripes, and the restaurant of the Auberge de l'Illwald is romantic and cosy. Nice rooms too. http://www.illwald.fr/fr/auberge.php

The pinot noir came from Jean Sipp, www.jean-sipp.com, was from 2009 and raised in barriques. Very well done, and alltough the oak was quite dominant, it was a very very nice wine, a bit untypical maybe, but great.




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