Chez Max, coiffeur pour hommes: 1990 Chinon

I have been eating in this place for a few years now (it used to called Bistro de la poste), initially for the magnificent offer in natural wines, but after one or two times also for the great food. Every time i come here the kitchen offers these great french countryside dishes like andouillette, boudin, pied de cochon or confit de canard, and thi is one of my great joys in life: eating this kind of hearty, "friendly" dishes, accompanied by good friends or beautiful women. Why this place is not stuffed with visitors I don't understand and at lunch time it often is quite empty. Maybe because of the remark on the website that you should make a reservation ? Anyway, if you are in the neighbourhood, this IS a fantastic place. http://www.chezmaxrestaurant.be/accueil.html

The winelist is a simple sheet of paper full of goodies for the lover of natural wines, and it offers this wonderful thing for the real aficionado: suprises ! This time i stumbled upon one of my wine discoveries of the year: a 1990 Chinon by Caves des Roches - Lenoir. What a wonderful bottle...6 years in casks, bottled in 1997 and they started selling only in 1998. Beautiful aroma, nice complexity, round and ripe and interesting, it was like having a conversation with a lady that has reached a certain level of wisdom and beauty: i give her about 40-45 years old (yes, you young blokes, they do improve with age...).


About the winemakers: nobody can explain it better than here, so I am not even trying: http://www.wineterroirs.com/2008/04/roches_lenoir.html 

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