Enruzado, Quinta dos Roques: memories about art and friends

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This picture was taken on the terrace of the Fundaçao Serralves in Porto, a very special place for me because I spent one of my most charming lunches ever there. After having walked in the beautiful park of the museum and having visited a temporary exposition about American artist Rauschenberg (is this art ? heavy discussions while walking...) we noticed that temperatures were mounting and when one of us spotted a table and some chairs on the terrace of the museum restaurant decisions were swiftly taken and before the staff could protest we were sitting and eating outside in the sun.

I still remember the wine, the Encruzado Quinta dos Roques 2003, my very first encounter with this grape. The circumstances were perfect, the food was simple and good, the wine lovely, the company perfect, and people passing by in the parc noticed our laughter and started joining us. An hour later the terrace was full. At the end of our meal, allready having finished five bottles and preparing to leave, the waiter came with a sixth one. It was the last they had, he said, and the owner offered it too us for free, he couldn't do anything with a single bottle. We guess he was happy with us giving the good example.

The shirt I wore that day came from the Palazzo Grassi in Venice, another museum for modern art (a must if you visit the town !). It shows a work by Piotr Uklanski that I liked very much.


And why this blog ? Well, I never met this wine after, until I stumbled on it last week in a Belgian supermarket (Delhaize). I'm drinking a glass of it now (it is after all an interesting and good wine, with that uncanny possibility of evolution that Portuguese whites often have), and as Lisa Sapienza once told me when I visited Benanti: We should drink wine to remember, not too forget.

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